Saturday, August 15, 2009

~*THINK PINK!*~ We need help!

SO many people asked to join and SO many people also dropped out at the last minute!
We went from almost 30 participants to less than 9!

All you have to do is send in 12 nicely made mostly PINK charms and you'll get 10 back.
The extra 2 will be used to help raise funds over on Girl Gone Thread Wild (Monica Magness)

If you forgot that you signed up and are reading this, it's not too late!
PLEASE join us!!!!
We need your help!
See the details here-

Friday, August 14, 2009

Looking for tutorials, stories and pictures related to charm making.

I am making a zine, and would like to feature other artists, their charms and techniques!
If you are interested in submitting work, please keep the following in mind-
The deadline is Monday September 7th.
I am looking for work that is inventive, clean, interesting, fun, well thought out, and wearable!.
These don't all have to be *the* words to describe each piece, these are just general terms that can be associated with the work.

If you would like to write about how your charm is made or share tutorial, please let me know.
Your information should include materials, tools and a description of steps from start to finish of the charm.
Also consider trial and error lessons if you have any to share and perhaps your own tips and tricks on how to get the unique look you have created.

I am also interested in stories-
Has charm making or charm swapping affected or maybe even changed your life?
Interesting reactions that people have towards your charms or work that you have gotten from charm swaps.
Has making charms changed your view of other art forms?
A story related to a time you wore or shared your charm jewelry in public.
Or- why not share another story about charms or charm swapping.

If you would just like to submit actual charms, or photographs of charms, you may do that too.
You will need to include your name and email address with each charm.
Photos must be clear and done well -->focused.

The zine will be a black and white (on Xerox) 5.x8. layout. Think of a folded sheet of copy paper size with a white boarder/gutter.

I will have ad space available too, if anyone would like to mention their charm related sales or charm related sites.

~*Thank you for reading this*~

Wednesday, August 5, 2009