Friday, April 30, 2010


Please continue to enter comments for the items you wish to enter the drawings for.
Due to project deadlines I am unable to upload the images for the additional gems and charms that I have yet to post.
I hope to continue on Monday.

~*Have a great weekend everyone!!!*~

Thursday, April 29, 2010

~*Tiny World In a Bottle*~ by, Japanese Architectural model designer~ Akinobu Izumi

TinyWorldInaBottle on Etsy <---Link to his Etsy shop.
These are some products which Akinobu Izumi has made using the same items and materials he uses for making Architectural models.

A nice example of how one's profession can cross over into charm making!

And one more great note of interest- Akinobu- Takes custom orders!!!

 ((Only $21.00 which includes shipping from Tokyo, Japan.))
Click here to see this listing- ~Bottle of tiny dogs~
Dogs in a field. Lady is gathering them to feed.

*Only approx. 2.5mm (0.1inch) long super tiny dogs.

*Tiny bottle, about the size of 22mm (0.9inch) height × 13mm (0.5inch) diameter


Dachs hund 
Standard Schnauzer
Flat-Coated Retriever


*Dogs, lady - paper

*Land - plastic clay

*Tree - brass, sponges

*Bottles - glass, cork

~Bottle of a large pumpkin and a white cat in front of a tree~

A white cat is staring at a large pumpkin.

~Bottle of tiny Tyrannosaurus~

Took out only Tyrannosaurus from a museum.

~Bottle of tiny cherry blossom and a kissing couple and a white bench~

A couple is kissing beside a cherry blossom in spring. 

(((All of these are also $21.00 with shipping from Tokyo)))

See his Etsy Shop for more cool miniatures!!!

~*Connie Williams' charm giveaway*~ A bronze skeleton bird.

"I will be giving away one of my new hand sculpted bronze skeleton bird charms.  it is a bronze bird with a skull head and skeleton hand wings and tail,perched on a white pearl nested in a skeleton hand.  Typical my style of charm."

~*Charm Day in South Africa*~ With Elna & Benice

Dear Amber

We had a hugely successful International Charm Day here in sunny Centurion (South Africa)!! Thanx again for your vision in proclaiming 28 April International Charm Day :)

Will you please post a link to our blog where your "fans" can see the evidence of our event...

Elna & Benice

~*Thank you for hosting this beautiful celebration in South Africa Elna and Benice! These charms are quite lovely and the diversity is interesting too! What fun. I am so glad that you had such a great turn out!*~
Please post if your event is published! I would love to see a copy of the article!        

~*Jayne's giveaway*~

Boot-C is having her own giveaway in honor of charm day~
Click "here"

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More giveaways to come!

There are others who will be posting their giveaways. As soon as they do I will add the links.
This party will continue on till May 1st!
It is not too late to join in!!!

Helga Strauss ~*ArtChix*~ Artist & Owner is offering a necklace giveaway for Charm Day!

Here is beautiful Helga, modeling the very same necklace that she is giving away for International Charm Day! Helga is joining us from Canada!
Stop on over to see her blog and while you are there, enter to win, and then see all of the wonderful things that she has going on!

~*Thank you Helga!*~ Happy Charm Day!!!

Oh So Charming (a charm swap group on Yahoo groups)

Dawn Sellers hosts a charm swap group named Oh So Charming.
Although I have not swapped with this group, I have participated in a swap that Dawn hosted in 2006.
She asks for a donation to join the group, but it is not mandatory.

~*Win a fairy cake!*~

WINNERS! #18! (too funny! it's a guy I went to HS with!) Congratulations Jose! If you *really* want this, send me your mailing info please by Friday! I am going to hit random. org for another winner right now... OK, #1! Jessica in SF!
You won too!

~*Leave a comment if you are interested in winning one!*~

~*Silver & Gold!*~ wire

WINNER! #1 Jayne Congratulations Please send me your mailing info by Friday!

Would you like to enter for a chance to win the following?-
(1 foot/12 inches of each-)
14/20 Gold Filled 24 GA wire 1/2 Hard
14/20 Gold Filled 26 GA wire 1/2 Hard

Sterling Silver 24 GA wire 1/2 Hard
Sterling Silver 26 GA wire 1/2 Hard

Leave a comment to enter!

You might win one of these-

WINNER! #3, Carol.
Please contact me with your mailing info before Friday!

Leave a comment if you are interested in winning!
The winner will win a random piece (one) chosen from the photo above.

Laser cut plexiglass mirror charm connectors.

WINNER! #14 Elizabeth in NM
Please contact me with your mailing info by Friday!
Leave a comment if you are interested in winning! Postcard is not included this year.

Win some chain great for making charm jewelry!

WINNER! #8 Bobiwash!
Please contact me with your mailing address before Friday!

Leave a comment if you are interested in winning!

Semi Precious Beads & Findings

#9 Leslie Sirag and #19 Judy (anonymous)

Leave a comment if you would like to win a mix of beads, filigree and findings! The image shows the kinds of beads that may be included in your assortment. I will be picking more than one winner on this one!

~*Esther's micro charm book giveaway in ~*France*~ & a French Charm Day Tutorial!


~*Thank you  Esther!*~

Esther is also hosting a charm making tutorial in French. She shares how she makes an image filled bottle cap, with a UTEE gloss encasing.

To see this tutorial, (it's in French) click here--

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~*HAPPY CHARM DAY!*~ Leave a comment if you'd like to be entered to win this book. Check back on the evening of the 29th Western hemisphere/30th Eastern Hemisphere, to see who wins this.

#4 Tricia in Australia! 

Please send me your mailing address before Friday!
Thank you!

*It is one of my favorite jewelry how to books*  To see some of the pieces of the jewelry that were featured in this book, look here-

In less than 24 hours it will be charm day here in the USA!

If you are hosting a giveaway, charm party, or other charm related event, have a tutorial to share, a photo of your favorite handmade art charms, wish to share a story about how art charms have improved or changed your life, SEND ME THE LINK!
Not before you post, please send the link after you post.

Check back through the 29th to see all of the giveaways and chances for you to enter to win charms, charm making supplies and other goodies!

Celebrate by wearing your art charms and giving away charms to random friends and family or even perfect strangers!
It would be nice if you have errands to run, that you bring some extra charms with you to hand out to people you meet along the way.
Whatever you do or however you celebrate, share, care and LOVE!!!!

See ya after midnight!
~*Amber Dawn*~

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Attention to everyone!

If you will be posting a tutorial, charm day give away or charm related sale on your site, *please contact me with your links so that I may post them ahead of time.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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Monday, April 12, 2010

~*WINNER!*~ Anne De Seny is the winner!
All you have to do to be entered to win, is to blog about International Charm day being on April 28th, and add a link back to this blog! It's OK to use the Charm Day icon in your post too! And you may also add a photo of this cupcake on your blog to let others know that they too can win it!
There will be many more giveaways and events happening ALL over the world!
So far we have participants in South Africa and Hawaii with a scheduled event!
How about you?
How will you celebrate?

Comment me or email me to tell me that you blogged and I will add you to the list of names entered into the drawing!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Win a Charm *BRACELET* by Amber Dawn! It's time to start promoting!

If you blog about International Charm Day, add the icon with a link back to this blog, you will be entered to win a custom made charm bracelet~ themes include, but are not limited to-
Cupcakes, steampunk, crystals, semiprecious beads or mixed media charms...

If you host an event or giveaway on your site I will enter you to win a set of handmade charms and some cool supplies!
Leave me comments or message me to let me know how you are participating.
Thank you very much!!!

See samples of my cupcakes here-