Friday, May 29, 2009

Charms and Pendants from 3 Valentine swaps.

These were made for the Charmed_Designs group and Charms2007Swap group for a Valentine theme.


I would like to share some pictures from just a swap I was in this year.

"Keys to Spring" hosted by Laurel Steven, owner of "Charmsters" on Yahoo.

Please leave a comment if you would like more info about the group.

Friday, May 22, 2009

More charm group and swap info being posted next week. Prize claim time frame is over until next year.

It's a wrap for the prizes.
Thank you to everyone who was able to check in on time and claim their prizes.

Next week I will be posting info for those who are interested in learning about the charm exchange groups that I know of which are open to the public, and some that aren't, for swapping and sharing.

I will also be posting pictures from several charm artists who have participated in swaps with me and pictures of several charms from swaps that I have joined in with other hosts.
Please mark your calendars for next year's I.C.D. on 4/28 and be sure to prepare for it in advance!
All are welcome to join in from all over the world.

Although I will keep the blog open for next year's event, posts will not continue on a regular basis.
See you next week!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I fixed the settings for comments-

The settings have been modified for those who are not registered blog users.
Anyone can leave comments here now.
I hope this fixes things a bit!

If you do leave a comment anonymously, and you expect a reply, you will have to check back to the post/comments list where you left the comment to see any replies.

Friday, May 15, 2009

For those that didn't win-

I mentioned in the previous post that all non winners could send me postage to get a couple of charm making/related goodies in the mail too.
Please send me your email address if you need more info.


~*Please note there are now SMALL stars too Check in and see...*~

After doing 3 sets of large stars, it was getting crowded so I shrunk them down a lot and now some just twinkle on each photo or name rather than frame it.

If there is no star on your picture, it was not randomly chosen. *HOWEVER* if you want to send me postage for a prize, I will send you some charm making goodies to play with!
(I just cannot afford to send everyone a prize with the current cost of postage.)

If you see a star on your profile pic or framing your profile picture below (Or next to your name for those with no chosen avatar) PLEASE send me your name and mailing info *as well as- the color of your star and if I do not know you, please describe your picture to me OR tell me the line it is on- down and across so I can find you.


You have just 1 week to contact me!


The comments here are not posted to the blog if they contain your address. I moderate ALL comments -So it is safe.

Also for those who may not feel comfortable posting the info here send it to- charms2wear at AOL dot com

Non winners- If you want to send postage for a prize, contact me! :o) it's less than $2.00 for USA and a little more for over seas. This offer is open to those that are pictured above with no star, and those who may have missed the deadline and won the last round,but never claimed their prizes.

~*And the winner for ~*A Charming Exchange*~ is #29!*~

Sorry to post so late, I had a very busy day!

I just pulled the number 29 from a pile of 32 slips of paper.

~*#29*~ come on down and claim your prize!
I need your name and mailing address to send to Kelly Snelling so she can mail you the book!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Please be responsive :o)

I'll be posting more winners on Thursday,
including the winners of the beads, findings and book.

~*PLEASE- contact me if I post your picture with a star around it
with the color of the star, EMAIL, your name ***and***Complete* MAILING address.

I cannot contact you any other way.
You can leave a comment here or send it to charms2wear at aol dot com

~*THANK YOU!!!!*~

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mailed charm prizes to-

~*Anne Le Toux*~ France
~*Tracy M. B.*~ Canada
~*Gillian*~ Scotland
~*Sharon*~ USA
~*Bonnie*~ USA
~*Pat Winter*~ USA
~*Doreen*~ USA
~*Francie*~ USA
~*Cindy*~ USA
~*Helga*~ Canada
& ~*Maya*~ USA

11 prizes are unclaimed and are now being added to the next draw.
That includes, "A Charming Exchange"

Wishing all of you mommies a ~*HAPPY MOTHER's DAY!!!*~

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A really cool Charm Day celebration by Sharon & her husband Charlie..

This is an email, that made me smile, which was posted to one of my charm exchange groups...

Sent: Sat, 2 May 2009 1:09 pm
Subject: [~*CHARMS*~] Re: Don't miss out! This will be worth the time!

Mornin' ladies,
I thought I'd tell you about how I 'articipated in Dawn's special charm party. I
made 29 charms (monday was my 29th wedding anniversary) They were pc hearts with
real pearls as the dangle(like the black one I sent you Amber) and mon/tues I
hid them all over the place....they had a teeny card attached with Dawn's charm
day blog address and a little note about spreading love and art. It had no
name,just my email address on it and I asked the findees to drop me a line and
tell me where they found the charm. So far I've had nineteen replies.....I left
them at the restaurant where we ate and in the changing room where he took me
shopping,the ladies room everywhere we went.....a couple were dropped in the
fresh flowers they have at Albertson's,one at Dunkin Donuts,some where I
work...well,you get the idea. It was a blast and Charlie loved playing too!!
Thanks Amber,it'll be an anniversary to remember!! love ya
Sharon (MoonRae)

Five out of Twenty

Just a bit surprised to have only heard back from 5 out of the 20 chosen participants.
I have info from
Anne in France-
If you sent your info and have not heard back from me, please try again?

You have until midnight tonight.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Are you a winner and cannot leave a comment?

Hi~ Everyone who won!
If you have had trouble leaving a comment to claim your prize- PLEASE be sure to get in touch now this way --- charms2wear at AOL . com
Sorry about Blogger not letting you leave me comments!

You have until Thursday to claim the prizes before I put them back in the pool and draw other "names" (profile pictures) instead.

I will be mailing the first batch of prizes out on this coming Saturday.
So get back to me ASAP please.

~*THANK YOU!!!*~


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Unclaimed prizes will be given to...

Come on girls... Unclaimed prizes will be put back into play for others to win.
Everyone has 7 days from the date I called the winners to get back to me.
Just a heads up! I will need contact info for each winner ASAP.

Clear acrylic shapes with drilled holes to make fun and fabulous art charms!


Clear laser cut acrylic charms.

LunaGirl Images & Altered art charm tutorial.

I've used images from CD's from this seller to make many charms during the past couple of years.
You might like the tutorial found on the blog here- LunaGirl

Friday, May 1, 2009

I posted the winners hours ago to each post with the prize.

In Idaho-there is a lucky artist who won a book, and someone who just fell head over heals for charms, won Pat's silk!

It was exciting to let the generator pick the numbers and for me to discover the winners.

I will be adding many more pictures and links to this blog that highlight art charms and the people who make them, so if you are enjoying the view, please visit often.

Members of various art charm swap groups have given me permission to post some of their handmade work here. So I am also going to share more with you about worldwide charm exchanges as well as showcase the work of several awesome and talented charm designers!

There will be many more giveaways soon.
~*Thank you to everyone who participated for celebrating with me!*~

Amber Dawn