Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Prize winners-

~*These are the first set of winners!*~
PLEASE check the stars to see if you won. Then leave me a comment telling me your name COLOR of star EMAIL address and mailing address. I moderate the comments so your address will not be seen by anyone else but me
I will have no way of contacting you otherwise.
Unclaimed prizes will be put back into the drawing if the winner does not claim it in 7 days.
There were more winners chosen, but I cannot ship that many out all at once.
Be back in two weeks to check the next posting because ~*YES*~ there are more!
The different color stars indicate the prizes you won from me, and just help me keep track of who won what!
Don't forget to enter your name in the comments for the other prizes!

More charms in France! ~*Lilibulle*~

Please visit another French participant who wishes to delight you with her creative art to wear charms!


~*WOW!*~ Look at the Sweet Treat charms that Sabii Wabii AKA Terisa Brooks- Huddleston has made!

Click here to see her post! ----->~*Sweets*~

Tiny tin necklace for a child or someone young at heart. #6 won!

Anne, Bulles dorées #6 is the winner!

Please just leave a comment before Thursday at 10pm to be entered to win.

PRIZE- Silk ribbon- By Pat Winter #20 is the winner

Please contact me with your name address and email #20.
I counted 2x it's Sharon who won.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~*An Autographed copy of Charming Exchange*~

#27 is the winner! All the way over in Idaho is a winner!
Please contact me with your name address and email.

You might win- An Autographed Copy of A Charming Exchange
*It is one of my favorite jewelry how to books*

Signed by Kelly & Ruth! <--- click on each of their names to see their blogs.

Giveaway and Charm Day in France with Théalie- Check it out!

Théalie made a montage of charm photos for you to view, look at her blog here- Charm celebration with Théalie

It's beautiful fun!

And her celebratory charm giveaway, to enter, leave her a comment then blog about her giveaway.
See it here- ~*CHARMS*~

~*Thank you Théalie!*~

~*Charm Day in Canada~ With Fantazya*~

This piece was made just in time for today!
It is now on sale over on Etsy for just $10. US dollars!
Click here to see it!- ~*Charm*~

Beautifully painted wooden charm

Lucy gave this charm to her niece in celebration of ICD
2010 DIARY PROJECT? English, French and Spanish... See more details here-
You can see some of the pages that I designed for last years copy here- Amber Dawn

~*Pat Winter is having a mini quilted charm giveaway!~

I am so delighted that she let me pick one!
Thank you SO much Pat!
Well, after much thought, I chose the one on the bottom right.

So the other top two are up for grabs!
Please visit her gorgeous blog and read her post!
Click ->HERE<-

~*Laser cut wood charms from PorkChopShow on Etsy*~

"An Art Cache of Uncommon Art Supplies - Trinkets and Art Parts" -

I am giving away a whole bunch of goodies made by Scott of PorkChopShow on Etsy.
These are just some of them pictured above!

You can find his link 2x on the sidebar to the right.
His prices are really great!
I just want to warn you and let you know that each piece will smell like smoked almonds or after burn from a fire because all of the pieces are cut with a laser.
You may not want to use these for wearable art unless you seal them VERY well first.
Use gloves when handling at first!
And be sure to air them out for a nice long while.
Other than the odor, the work is high quality, weighs next to nothing and is so sturdy!

Tutorial From a SteamPunk Charm Maker!

Click to learn about making a unique style of collage charms with watch parts and Amazing Glaze.


Click here to read her post about the history of charm bracelets.


Deb in the UK is giving away-

Deb in the UK is also hosting a charm giveaway.
Please see her post by clicking --->HERE<---

Keli's Charming Solution!

MEMBER OF "CHARMSTERS" a private charm swap group on Yahoo- More info will be posted about this group later on. For now, please, ~*Enjoy.*~

"This past year I went out to find new inspiration to spark my creative side... the best treasure I found along the way... new friends... art friends... who "get" me and who have shared their talent and welcomed me into their community. I was so excited to be asked to join "Charmsters". Charmsters is a very active group that hosts swaps based on a theme. I jumped right in and joined 4 swaps right in a row. Quickly did I learn that the artist put as much effort into the packing as the charms themselves. How to enjoy all these mini art works and how to incorporate the packaging I just couldn't let go of? Solution... simple wood frames with metal mesh attached to the back.... attach charms with wire... and collage all the art packaging on the frame...easy and inexpensive... a charming solution."

Thank you to Amber for including me in her celebration. Our paths can cross again here swing in anytime and say hello.


HeArt Collective Art Swap Group on Facebook is...

~*"I am hostessing a charm swap on FaceBook... do a search for HeArt Collective Art Swap Group and join us! If you'd like to be included and you're not on Facebook leave a comment ((on her blog -click here to get there)) including your email or some way to contact you and I'll get you all of the information to play.

I'll be sending this soldered charm to some lucky (randomly selected) participant. *~

Happy Charm Day!

You can also find the link to her blog on the participants list on the right hand side of this blog.

~*Chibi Charms!*~ Polymer clay SO CUTE!!!

I love her nails!

Its blurry, but you get the idea!

Go creative people go! MAKE SOME CHARMS!!!

OOH Yummy! Making yummy charms! & Jumprings!

Making handmade jumprings! Please see the comments section for some advice when using sterling wire.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Going to have to make it last a little bit longer! And also add a special something something...

I still have a LOT more prizes to post!!!
Not enough time in my days to get this all done on time...

It's not that bad, it will just mean more fun and this celebration will last longer!!
It seems that I wont have enough time to post everything that I had hoped to before 1am on April 29th.

There will be winners drawn on the 28th, but not for all of the giveaways I have set up for winning.

~*AND*~ for those who cannot figure out how to add yourself to the "follower" box I will have to add in a couple of prize drawings for those who are able to leave a comment.

So please bear with me and LET'S HAVE MORE FUN!
Be sure to visit the links that I am posting!

:oD Big Happy Smile!

~*Buttons & Bead charms being given away at Arlene's place!*~

~*Arlene has posted just a few of the details and a teaser picture of what she will be offering as a prize to share on her blog for International Charm Day!
Check it all out here- ~* Altered By Me *~

~*Thank you Arlene*~

~*Charm giveaway! At Tracy's - In Canada*~

~*Tracy*~ is having a charm giveaway here- ~*A Garnet Heart Flows*~
Be sure to visit her blog to check out the details!

~*Thank you Tracy!*~

~*A giveaway at Bulles Dorees ~ Charming in France!*~

~* Beautiful tiny bottle charms are yours to win! @ Bulles Dorees *~
Stop by to have a look!
Overseas participants will be celebrating until the 29th of april (they do not use capital letters for months in France) so be sure to get over there by 10 PM France time 4/29 to see who wins!
All you need to do to enter is leave a comment and talk about her giveaway on your blog.
Just to help spread the news of International Charm Day and her beautiful work.

~*Thank you Anne!*~

~*Art Tea Life*~

I am charmed by "S's" work!

There is a mini visual tutorial listed at the link below where
you can get an idea of how she made the vintage image domino
charms with eyelets---

Click here to see how she makes the domino ones and too see more fabric ones.

~*Stop on over to see what ~*GOTHIC*~ inspired charms Cetta has been making and ones she will be giving away on the 28th!


Click here to get to ~*Cetta's Blog*~
Leave her a comment to enter if you really want to win the handmade charm package she is putting together!

While you are on her blog run a search for "charms" in the search box at the top right hand corner. That way you can see many other charms that she has made for swaps, gifts and to sell.

Thank you for sharing your creativity with us Cetta!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Original post on my blog- Inventive Soul

This is the idea I had posted to my main blog-

Wouldn't it be fun to have a special day for wearing and gifting special charms?
It sounds like fun to me, so I am going to make it happen!

What will this day be about?
Maybe giving some of your own handmade charms or ones you've gotten from a swap, to good friends, family and anyone who makes your day to day lives brighter, better or just more fun!
(Examples- postal workers, nurses, teachers, sales girls, waitresses (when leaving a tip), secretaries, children etc.)

Each charm could have a special meaning or feeling behind it.
Or, you could just make a general set and hand them out randomly!

You could add on a tag that mentions they are being gifted a charm on International Charm Day and add in your name or contact info if you feel comfortable enough to do that (for the ones you give to those who are not so familiar.)

It's not just a gift of art but also one of cheer and also inspiration!
Imagine if each person who gets one feels like making more of them to give others?

If you would like to celebrate this day with me and if you blog about your charms I will be posting a little banner tag for everyone to add to their blogs soon.
Please link back here and leave me a comment so I can add you to the blog roll and enter your name to a cool prize pool!

Just copy the banner of this blog and link/add the URL to your blog so others can arrive here

Only a few more days to wait!!!
I am SO excited!!!

I claim April 28th as "International Charm Day"
And I am looking forward to it! I really am!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

~This is *NOT* a swap*~

So many people keep declining my invites, thinking this is a swap.
It's not a swap at all.

Remember that if you post an ad of this event on your site or blog, linking back to this site, you will be entered into another prize giveaway.
Just leave me a comment or email me if you know my email and let me know where you posted the link.

I am hoping to have as many people join us as possible!
The more the merrier!
And while you are at it, why not make some charms to share with people on April 28 in your part of the world!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~*I am celebrating art to wear charms, friendship, designing, random acts of kindness, hording, creativity, and my online charm swap and exchange community.*~


April 28th ALL day
It's free!
You can win some wonderful

Here is a list-

Prizes include charm making supplies, semi precious beads,
components, findings, an autographed copy of "A Charming Exchange", Swarovski
rhinestones, lace, hand dyed silk ribbons by Pat Winter, sequins, watch parts,
laser cut wood shapes from "Pork Chop Show"

There will be blogs to visit that feature entries about charms, photos, tutorials, sales and lots more!

If you want to be a part of the celebration, please go to the "Follower" box.
On the right side of the blog, with all of the tiny pictures of other bloggers, who also follow. "Click Follow"

You cannot win a prize if you are not a follower.
This will be an annual holiday event, so if you miss out on it this year, you are invited back again next year!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Please send me a link to your site if you plan to join the fun!

I am collecting sites right now to share.
If you have posts on your sites to share related to charms, a special charm sale, or any type of charm related tutorial to share, let me know.
Just hit "Comments" below and it will bring you to a window to fill in a message to me!

If you are making special charm jewelry to wear or special charms to give away and want to share pictures of them, that counts too!

Thank you for helping to spread the word!
The event is just after this weekend and remember- if you advertise this event on your site or blog, linking back to this blog- and you let me know about it, you will be entered to win a prize!

You might win- An Autographed Copy of A Charming Exchange

If you are a follower of this blog-

You might win- An Autographed Copy of A Charming Exchange
*It is one of my favorite jewelry how to books*

Signed by Kelly & Ruth! <--- click on each of their names to see their blogs.

You must be listed on the followers widget on the right side bar on this blog.
Just click it to be added and follow the directions!

Followers using other services cannot be seen, so unless you actually "follow" using this widget, you are not going to be entered into any of the fabulous drawings for this event!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let's get this party started!

If you would like to participate in this year's celebration of 4/28 as International Charm Day, please become a follower on this blog.

I am also looking for artists, crafters and designers who would like me to list them as participants on the side bar.
Do you have a discount to offer on materials to make charms?
I will advertise you!


Do you have charm jewelry that you've made that you would like to share picture of?
How about things around your house that you have embellished with charms?
Do you have a charm making tutorial that you would like to share and be featured?
Let me know!
Thank you!