Tuesday, March 29, 2011

~*Some of the pieces I am preparing for International Charm Day!*~

Charm Day will be a lot of fun this year!

Have you started to make charms to give away and trade?

I'll be leaving charms like these
in random places around the streets and in select spots around New York City.

What are you making to share on April 28th of this year?

Are you going to be a part of the world wide party?


Come on and join the fun!!!

I'll be giving some of these away on my blog too!

Stay tuned!!!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

~*I'm making LOTS of pretty and cool charms to give away for this year's Charm Day!*~

Join in on this years' International Handmade Art Charm Day! It is celebrated by taking time out from your day to relax and enjoy the company of friends, family, strangers and people you pass everyday but never stop to actually say hello to.

This year, take a moment to stop, smile, say hello and if you have a handmade art charm with you, pass it on to someone else. Make a connection with the good in the world. Be a better, brighter and happier person! :o) www.InternationalCharmDay.blogspot.com

I made these as gifts. They are handmade with polymer clay and each have a little teeny micro cupcake embedded into it. :o) What are you making to give to friends, family and strangers on 4/28?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New designs are welcome! Design a new blog event button for Charm Day!!!

If you would like to design a new blog button for this year's Charm Day event on April 28th, go for it! I am taking submissions until March 15th!
 They will need to say "International Handmade Art Charms Day" and April 28th

I am looking for ones in different languages as well! International submissions are welcome!


Come on over and sign the guest book! It takes some patience to do, but worth it!

Guest book for Charm Day & everyday. <---click here
It might be hard to post at first, just keep trying!

Let me know if you will be hosting an event, celebrating in a special way, organizing fun and mysterious RAKs or just celebrating quietly! I want to hear all about it!
Join the world in celebrating!
It's fun, it's free and it's beautiful!!!

Charm Day is coming! Start the planning!!!

Hi everyone! Among other things, I'll be giving away a special ~*ONE POUND*~ assortment of quality charm and charm jewelry making supplies on charm day, April 28th. All you have to do to enter the drawing is to advertise International Charm Day on your blog or webspaces or both.
Please start spreading the word! The party this year will be bigger than last with more people joining us from around the earth.

More art & craft celebrities have voiced interest in joining in the advertising. Some are even hosting their own events in their parts of the world as well as online.

If you don't know how to grab the button to share on your blog, let me know. You can find it on the sidebar of my blog. www.InventiveSoul.blogspot.com

Message me here by leaving a comment or via email to let me know if you posted and if you will be hosting your own event. I will be posting a blogroll and webroll of participants in the coming weeks.