Thursday, April 29, 2010

~*Charm Day in South Africa*~ With Elna & Benice

Dear Amber

We had a hugely successful International Charm Day here in sunny Centurion (South Africa)!! Thanx again for your vision in proclaiming 28 April International Charm Day :)

Will you please post a link to our blog where your "fans" can see the evidence of our event...

Elna & Benice

~*Thank you for hosting this beautiful celebration in South Africa Elna and Benice! These charms are quite lovely and the diversity is interesting too! What fun. I am so glad that you had such a great turn out!*~
Please post if your event is published! I would love to see a copy of the article!        


  1. What? nobody commented on these...they are beautiful!

  2. They are! I am so very glad that they hosted this event in their part of the world.
    And I LOVE that painting!


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