Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In less than 24 hours it will be charm day here in the USA!

If you are hosting a giveaway, charm party, or other charm related event, have a tutorial to share, a photo of your favorite handmade art charms, wish to share a story about how art charms have improved or changed your life, SEND ME THE LINK!
Not before you post, please send the link after you post.

Check back through the 29th to see all of the giveaways and chances for you to enter to win charms, charm making supplies and other goodies!

Celebrate by wearing your art charms and giving away charms to random friends and family or even perfect strangers!
It would be nice if you have errands to run, that you bring some extra charms with you to hand out to people you meet along the way.
Whatever you do or however you celebrate, share, care and LOVE!!!!

See ya after midnight!
~*Amber Dawn*~

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  1. What a lovely idea to take charms along to share! I love that!


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