Thursday, April 28, 2011

Winners- #2 Francine Vorbeck #5 Carmi #8 Lynne Are the winners! ~*Amber Dawn's Handmade Polymer Clay Charms & Beads Giveaway!*~

To enter, please comment with your name AND the part of the world you are joining us from!
If you do not have a blog ID, you can choose anonymous and leave your name. If you have a common name, please leave a unique identifier such as this example- Jane Doe, knitter and charm maker from South Dakota. If you do not mind your email being public, then please just leave your name with email and the place you are joining us from!

I moderate the comments so they will not post right away, please just enter each giveaway one time.

Specify if you'd like a clown charm or a girl bead or write either if you don't care which you win!

I'll be choosing a few winners from the comments, left on this post, on Saturday!
If your name is drawn, you will have 7 days to claim your prize(es)!
~*Happy Charm Day everyone!*~


  1. Happy Charm Day! I like the blue hat boys!
    Mixed-media/polymer clay art and sculpture

  2. Hi, what a great blog! I love the clown charms, I am from Long Island, NY and would LOVE to win those clown charms. Thanks for the opportunity
    Francine Vorbeck

  3. Happy Charm Day from Stockholm/Sweden.

    I do love all your work!

    Have a nice day!


  4. Love them all! they are just so cute from Saffron in Bulgaria....HAPPY INTERNATIONAL CHARM DAY EVERYONE !

  5. Hello from the very wet (right now) state of Kentucky, USA! I like the clown charms the best.

  6. Amber,
    Happy Charm Day! I love the little clown charms they are soo cute! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

    Bev (art charm peep)

  7. I love clowns Lynne

  8. I like the little boy charms with their cute hats best! They are so adorable! Thanks for the fun giveaways!!

  9. Amber, you are so talented! Love these sweet little clowns..and I am not even a fan of clowns! Thanks for giving us a place to share and play.
    Mendy Atchley

  10. thank you for the opportunity to win these darling clowns. I love them all so either the boy or the girl is fine. Once again, thank you for the win. I can't wait to receive them.


~*Remember to leave your name and location. add in an email if you do not mind it being public!*~