Wednesday, April 27, 2011

~*Otherworlds!*~ Featuring artist & designer, Saffron Johns!*~ She's a sensation!


The little ladybug is wearing a tiny spotted dress and has cute silver fairy wings, striped tights and red high heel shoes, she flys in the green swirls and blue flowers.

Ladybug in fairyland miniature wire sculpture pendant. sold

~*Wonderful Wire Work by, Saffron Johns!!!*~
I am so glad to have found her on Etsy.  It was love at first site for me!
If you fall in love with her work too, be sure to write her a note telling her so! 
The best part is she is always creating new work!
So, sit back, relax and enjoy some of the miniature "Otherworlds" that she has so lovingly created!

Hi, my name is Saffron Johns I'm 29 years old and moved from the UK to Bulgaria with my partner about four years ago in search of a less stressful life and a place where we could work towards a more self sufficient way of life. We found a rural house with land for veggies and animals and are working at making it a wonderful place of inspiration and life with chickens, sculptures, hydroponics and much more, it's a very big adventure and a lot more work than anticipated.

I specialize in wire art of all kinds including original art, jewellery, beads, treasures, sculptures and pictures, I call this body of work, Other Worlds. In 2005 I received a BA Hons in Contemporary Applied Arts from Hereford art college UK where I spent many wonderful years making and refining my work and this is where I found colored wire. I tried and sill use many different medias but by far my favourite is wire as it is so versatile and comes in many colours and thickness. I also learnt to crochet about two years ago and fell in love with it especially after finding some very small crochet hooks so much of my work now is made by crocheting wire.

The renovation work on the house and limited space meant that I had to put on hold making my larger works until it is finished and I have a studio, this is what inspired me to make miniatures in the form of pendants, rings, charms and other jewel
lery. I am so glad as I really enjoy it and I love the challenge of making things as small as I can with wire, capturing them in a moment in time to make a piece of original art jewellery. 

I take much of my inspiration from dreams I have and  from incorporating animals and bugs in funny, strange imaginary scenes, I find making cats quite tricky which is strange as I have three pet cats and I love making ladybugs, I have collected anything ladybug since I was a child so they have always held an interest for me for some reason.

A tiny crochet crown with bead detail & banner

                                         Little Princess tiny crown in a bottle charm. 

                                   Currently on Etsy for $18  

A very cute miniature sculpture picture of a tiny hedgehog in a garden of little flowers. This little piece was made with enameled copper wire using a tiny crochet hook. 
 Miniature hedgehog in a flower garden sculpture pendant.  Currently on Etsy for $45. US dollars

A white rabbit driving a carrot shaped car over a field of flowers

White rabbit driving a carrot car 
miniature wire sculpture pendant 

A ladybug sitting on a cloud while his friend carefully cuts another cloud with a tiny pair of scissors releasing the rain which pours into a tiny red cup.
 Head in the clouds ladybugs miniature sculpture pendant.
Currently on Etsy for $40.

A cheeky monkey swinging in the tree tops 

Swinging cheeky monkey miniature sculpture pendant .
Currently on Etsy for $45

A little bee perching on a daisy smiling out at the world from inside his bubble

 Bumble bee sitting on a daisy miniature sculpture glass bubble ring.
Currently on Etsy for $85

 A dancing monkey wearing a red, white and gold jacket and tiny shoes. 

He is really sweet with his cute little outfit, curly tail and cheeky grin.

                          Dancing monkey in a glass bottle pendant. Sold

 A jolly spider with top hat looking out from inside his web

Spider in a web wire sculpture pendant. sold

Plenty of fun looking through the lens at wonderful things in close up.

Through the looking glass optical lens.
Currently on Etsy for $25


Thank you so much Saffron for celebrating 
International Handmade Art Charm Day with us from Bulgaria!!! 
Your work makes us smile!!!


Storm in a bottle miniature crochet sculpture

Inside a bottle a tiny teapot pours a flurry of rain into a tea cup, the waves rise and a tiny boat is swished around in the storms brew. A very tiny wire sculpture and very sweet. It is housed in a bottle just 4.5cm tall.

Here are two of Saffrons kitties! :o) 

Cat amongst flowers adjustable silver plated ring  


A handmade one of a kind statement sculpture ring 
of a ginger and white cat sitting amongst a bed of flowers.

Saffron takes commissions for special custom orders 
so if you feel inspired to ask her to create a very special
one of a kind "Otherworld" creation, be sure to contact her 
through her website or her Etsy acct.!


  1. This is so cute! Lovely work. I'm on my way there now! :)

  2. Thank you for the lovely showcase of my work. I have been making a cow charm pendant today so am definitely cat thinks hes famous now!!

    Saffron Johns x


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