Sunday, April 1, 2012

Participate in our online Handmade Art Charm party!

 The deadline has been extended!

 This small bead above  and some of the confections made of polymer clay and Swarovski stones, below, will be given away during our International Handmade Art Charm Day blog party!

If you would like to be involved in the online giveaways, share tutorials, share photos and stories of your charm making events or share plans for celebrating International Handmade Art Charm Day, in your part of the world, you can send me a message via Face Book or leave a comment on this post.
Links will be added to the sidebar of the 2012 International Charm Day blog!

You can also contact me through FB here-
Please have your pictures and posts, for International Charm Day, posted to your blogs on the 27th of April. If you are giving away charms or other charm related goodies, please indicate if you are willing to ship overseas, if your winners are in a different country. You can open your giveaways to include all countries or only some, but please make it clear in your post online where you are willing to ship your prizes and gifts to.

Many stores are hosting parties and classes to celebrate, this year!
If you are a business or teacher that is hosting a gathering at a store or public location, please let us know about it so we can advertise it for you


  1. Wow Amber! This is such a cool thing to do. I love making art charms, & I didn't know there was a day just for art charms! Thanks for all the info about Intl Charm Day!!

  2. Previous comment was by me
    Mary Robinson in Lincoln Nebraska


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