Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Please be responsive :o)

I'll be posting more winners on Thursday,
including the winners of the beads, findings and book.

~*PLEASE- contact me if I post your picture with a star around it
with the color of the star, EMAIL, your name ***and***Complete* MAILING address.

I cannot contact you any other way.
You can leave a comment here or send it to charms2wear at aol dot com

~*THANK YOU!!!!*~


  1. Amber, I received my ribbons yesterday and they are divine!! Thanks for intoducing me to this again and next year I will be ready to share some stuff!!

  2. Yay! Thursdays are usually my lucky day!!

  3. Amber Dawn, My sweet charms arrived this afternoon. Thank you so much. I love them!!!!

  4. Amber, Thank you so much my charms arrived today. I feel sorry for those people who never got back to you they sure missed out....my charms are beautiful.

  5. my star is purple!

    oh ... wait ... it's not Thursday yet ... oops!


~*Remember to leave your name and location. add in an email if you do not mind it being public!*~