Thursday, May 7, 2009

Five out of Twenty

Just a bit surprised to have only heard back from 5 out of the 20 chosen participants.
I have info from
Anne in France-
If you sent your info and have not heard back from me, please try again?

You have until midnight tonight.


  1. I am putting my name in the hat for leftovers, please.

  2. Hi Amber Dawn. I participated by sending out 14 silk ribbon embroidered nest charms. I started out with four but felt the need to create more. The last ones are being mailed today.

  3. maybe there is some bizarre computer crash that has affected the other winners and they are unable to log on, let alone thank you for picking them ... am hoping at least a few are able to get through to you before the midnight deadline

    ... and wish the rest of us luck at the second attempt!!

  4. I am so sorry you haven't heard from most of the winners. It must make it hard on you trying to keep track of everything and get things sent out. I would love to have a chance to win any of the prizes! Everything is so fantastic and International Charm Day was great. Thanks for all your hard work. Please throuw my name in the hat for the un-claimed prizes. I am still hoping to hear that I am part of the second round of prize winners, but heck ya I'd love to be in on the un-claimed ones, also.

    Thank You.



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