Friday, May 1, 2009

I posted the winners hours ago to each post with the prize.

In Idaho-there is a lucky artist who won a book, and someone who just fell head over heals for charms, won Pat's silk!

It was exciting to let the generator pick the numbers and for me to discover the winners.

I will be adding many more pictures and links to this blog that highlight art charms and the people who make them, so if you are enjoying the view, please visit often.

Members of various art charm swap groups have given me permission to post some of their handmade work here. So I am also going to share more with you about worldwide charm exchanges as well as showcase the work of several awesome and talented charm designers!

There will be many more giveaways soon.
~*Thank you to everyone who participated for celebrating with me!*~

Amber Dawn


  1. I love this Idea Amber!! Now that it seems that you are going to continue on with this, I will definately ahve some time to make up some charms to add to your giveaway stash!!

  2. another congratulations to all the first round winners & an extra big thank you to Amber for such a fabulous event ... my 2010 calendar has been marked!!

  3. many thanksamber for this amazing event!!!xoxoxo

  4. Amber, you are the best!! I look forward to this next year, I've already started!! Thank you, you are incredible!! Sharon


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