Monday, April 20, 2009

Please send me a link to your site if you plan to join the fun!

I am collecting sites right now to share.
If you have posts on your sites to share related to charms, a special charm sale, or any type of charm related tutorial to share, let me know.
Just hit "Comments" below and it will bring you to a window to fill in a message to me!

If you are making special charm jewelry to wear or special charms to give away and want to share pictures of them, that counts too!

Thank you for helping to spread the word!
The event is just after this weekend and remember- if you advertise this event on your site or blog, linking back to this blog- and you let me know about it, you will be entered to win a prize!


  1. What a great idea. Here's a link to my blog and a couple of charms I made earlier this year- If my swap arrives t his week I will post it too.

  2. worked. and yes to the rock crying out!


    The above links are to two of my listings at Etsy which use charms.



  4. Here's my tutorial on making resin collage charms

    and my post on the history of charm bracelets

    if you like, we could also talk about Charm Day in the Charming market on 1000markets

  5. Here is my Link Amber. I ahve put the logo and link back in my side bar!! Love this idea!

  6. this is such a great idea. I would love to join in this Day of Charms event. I have many charms I've made in the past posted on my blog and many more to post and share. here is a link:

  7. Sounds like lots of fun. I make lots of charm bracelets. so always interested in fun charms and the people who love them!

  8. I am such a charm lover!
    I've added your link to my blog page already!
    I have that very book (A Charming Exchange)
    and have collected, made and shared my charm addiction with others for years.
    On my blog, I've posted a few pics of my charm creations. (older posts, must search back a few pages). I'm always creating charms for my students for their zipper jackets or for their ever increasing charm bracelets and necklaces.
    When students join my class, the other teachers announce to parents and say..."Ms. Bairbre Aine is the Bubble Queen and Charm Fairy, your children will never want to go home" LOL, somedays it's true.
    A good charm bracelet worn, while blowing bubbles equates an EXCELLENT day!
    Cheers~ Bairbre Aine

  9. I've made a few different charms in the past, here is the link to my charm posts

    will no doubt be adding to these posts as this is giving me the push to make more, thanks.

  10. I've made a few different charms in the past, here is the link to my charm posts

    will no doubt be adding to these posts as this is giving me the push to make more, thanks.

  11. Hi Amber here are some links to my blog from some charms I have made and a charm bracelet.
    I also have come charms I can post for the big day.


  12. oh, on the 28th i'll have a special charm blog post (altho i don't know what it is yet!)

    thanks for the inspiration! :)

  13. Hi Amber, I've been so busy lately so do forgive my posting here late ! I did blog about the charm day and will be posting some of the charms I've made over the last few months and will describe how some of them were made. So looking forward to this fun day !!

    I'm at www.

    Take care, Tracy. See y'all tomorrow :)

  14. Hi Amber. Me again :) Wanted to share that I am offering a charm to win ! I posted on my blog today and will announce the winner Tuesday afternoon.
    Please leave your comment, you might be the winner !
    My blog is Magiclanternmusings:

    Take care, Tracy ( Murphy Blais ) --we're on Facebook :)


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