Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~*Laser cut wood charms from PorkChopShow on Etsy*~

"An Art Cache of Uncommon Art Supplies - Trinkets and Art Parts" -

I am giving away a whole bunch of goodies made by Scott of PorkChopShow on Etsy.
These are just some of them pictured above!

You can find his link 2x on the sidebar to the right.
His prices are really great!
I just want to warn you and let you know that each piece will smell like smoked almonds or after burn from a fire because all of the pieces are cut with a laser.
You may not want to use these for wearable art unless you seal them VERY well first.
Use gloves when handling at first!
And be sure to air them out for a nice long while.
Other than the odor, the work is high quality, weighs next to nothing and is so sturdy!


  1. I love these little pieces and will go check him out. I do appreciate you letting us know about the smell, as I am new to the swap group and want to be sure to make the best pieces possible. This Day is such a great idea!

  2. These are fabulous, they offer so much inspiration. please enter me in your draw many thanks

  3. I'm in love with these pieces can't wait to check out the rest of his work!

  4. Love those little charms. I must go check out the shop on Etsy.



  5. I am going to have to check that shop out. I really love the lady charms.


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