Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Keli's Charming Solution!

MEMBER OF "CHARMSTERS" a private charm swap group on Yahoo- More info will be posted about this group later on. For now, please, ~*Enjoy.*~

"This past year I went out to find new inspiration to spark my creative side... the best treasure I found along the way... new friends... art friends... who "get" me and who have shared their talent and welcomed me into their community. I was so excited to be asked to join "Charmsters". Charmsters is a very active group that hosts swaps based on a theme. I jumped right in and joined 4 swaps right in a row. Quickly did I learn that the artist put as much effort into the packing as the charms themselves. How to enjoy all these mini art works and how to incorporate the packaging I just couldn't let go of? Solution... simple wood frames with metal mesh attached to the back.... attach charms with wire... and collage all the art packaging on the frame...easy and inexpensive... a charming solution."

Thank you to Amber for including me in her celebration. Our paths can cross again here http://agallopinghorse.blogspot.com/ swing in anytime and say hello.


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  1. Have a VERY happy Charm Day!! Hope it is a creative day for you all!!


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