Monday, April 27, 2009

Going to have to make it last a little bit longer! And also add a special something something...

I still have a LOT more prizes to post!!!
Not enough time in my days to get this all done on time...

It's not that bad, it will just mean more fun and this celebration will last longer!!
It seems that I wont have enough time to post everything that I had hoped to before 1am on April 29th.

There will be winners drawn on the 28th, but not for all of the giveaways I have set up for winning.

~*AND*~ for those who cannot figure out how to add yourself to the "follower" box I will have to add in a couple of prize drawings for those who are able to leave a comment.

So please bear with me and LET'S HAVE MORE FUN!
Be sure to visit the links that I am posting!

:oD Big Happy Smile!


  1. I've been visiting and the posts have been REALLY GREAT!!

    thanks SOOOOO much, Amber. :)

  2. Thanks Amber Dawn
    I just love to be encouraged to visit lots and lots of blogs, LOL.

  3. Great idea, Amber! Let's make the world a more charming place.

  4. Here is the link to my charm give away

  5. Amber, you're right...I really HAD TO follow this. Very cool and so glad I did!

  6. Here is my participation for this challenge. Thank you for this original idea.
    This is my blog :

  7. Amber0 You are doing a great job hosting this event. I hope your are getting to enjoy it as well and you aren't going crazy with it all. Thanks for all the fun and great posts.



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