Friday, April 24, 2009

Original post on my blog- Inventive Soul

This is the idea I had posted to my main blog-

Wouldn't it be fun to have a special day for wearing and gifting special charms?
It sounds like fun to me, so I am going to make it happen!

What will this day be about?
Maybe giving some of your own handmade charms or ones you've gotten from a swap, to good friends, family and anyone who makes your day to day lives brighter, better or just more fun!
(Examples- postal workers, nurses, teachers, sales girls, waitresses (when leaving a tip), secretaries, children etc.)

Each charm could have a special meaning or feeling behind it.
Or, you could just make a general set and hand them out randomly!

You could add on a tag that mentions they are being gifted a charm on International Charm Day and add in your name or contact info if you feel comfortable enough to do that (for the ones you give to those who are not so familiar.)

It's not just a gift of art but also one of cheer and also inspiration!
Imagine if each person who gets one feels like making more of them to give others?

If you would like to celebrate this day with me and if you blog about your charms I will be posting a little banner tag for everyone to add to their blogs soon.
Please link back here and leave me a comment so I can add you to the blog roll and enter your name to a cool prize pool!

Just copy the banner of this blog and link/add the URL to your blog so others can arrive here

Only a few more days to wait!!!
I am SO excited!!!

I claim April 28th as "International Charm Day"
And I am looking forward to it! I really am!


  1. Found you through Joy of Nesting and looking forward to Charm day! :) Have a SUPER weekend!

  2. sounds very fun... I will let my new charm on a picnic table with my etsy store in the back :-)

  3. Hi Amber I blogged about ICD and also added a link to my sidebar.


  4. Amber, I posted a link to your blog on my blog and I am overwhelmed with your generousity, not only of material goods, but also, your blogs share a wealth of knowledge! I am new to your blog(found it thru Deryn@Something Sublime), but will definitely be following, this is great stuff! Thank you. Sharon


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